Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October and November Celebrations

Okay, so I've totally dissed the past two months of celebrations.
Forgive me and I'll make it up to you with a
October Celebrations!
First up is the baby of our family:
Our baby Bo turned 34 on the 1st of October.
And to think I used to tower over him . . .
Next up: yours truly. I turned 42 on the 11th.
What a fabulous day.
My family made favorite cake.
No candles this year.
That would've been a fire hazard.
Our second to last baby celebrated his 35th
on the 20th of October.
His beautiful wife had the Boston Red Sox win the World Series just for him.
Because he is just that special.

October 31st would have been Mikey Sarah's 22nd birthday.
I have no doubt Heaven celebrated.
November Celebrations!
Our very wise and distinguished father
celebrated his 66th birthday on November 15th!
Retired and still loving it!
Monica, Monica, Monica.
She's our everything.
From the looks of it, she's Doug's everything too!
She turned a whopping 41 on the 17th.
Happy belated birthday everyone!

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