Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy October!

I'm so excited the holiday season has finally arrived!

I mean, I've only waited TEN whole months for this.

T'was a few days before Halloween . . .
okay fine . . .
 a few weeks before Halloween
and all through the house,
the decorations are FINALLY up . . .

I got this groovy idea from Christel . . .
Christel used a painters canvas, mine is wood.
 Just thought I'd practice before trying the real thing.

I love my Halloween-y curtains!
And I found these orange shag rugs up in my attic.
Perfect for Halloween!

Mr. Pumpkin Head is filled with Halloween Oreos . . .
and he's got his eye on my caramel apple!
Death to Mr. Pumpkin!
Oh wait, that comes later. . .
We love caramel apples!
'We' being french for Cali and I.
The boys won't eat caramel apples.
Boys are weird.

I saw this on someone else's door.
So I was a copy cat and made one for ours.
Except I hung it in our family room.
Which makes me a semi-copy cat.

I took our Halloween tablecloth and gave it a new life . . .
I cut it in two and made valences for our dining room/school room windows.

My kids already hard at work with the tricks . . .
Huh! As if I wouldn't notice a big green ripper on my car seat!
Silly Rabbit!
Tricks are for . . . uh, oh yeah . . . kids.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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