Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of the Kids Summer Vacation . . .

Since we homeschool, our summer, spring, fall and winter vacations are different than what the public schools dictate.

Our breaks fall when the family dictates.

On August 8, our family dictated that we needed a break from school.

Therefore we break.


Oh how I love homeschooling!

But I digress . . .

For the first day of summer break we went to Maymont.

Maymont is a 100 acre estate in Richmond that has the most amazing gardens and walking path.
It's also home to our favorite Magnolia tree.
Gabriel is resting on some of the lower branches.
While daring Cali decides to climb higher . . .
and decides to give her mother a heart attack by doing the one-hand-one-foot pose.
I'm not looking! so you can just stop that now.

A bit further down the path is the Japanese gardens . . .

and the most refreshing waterfall.

Alas, this was the last picture I was able to take

before the battery in my camera died.

In the end, if you know Cali even a bit,

you know she ended up in that waterfall.

She simply couldn't help herself.

It was a beautiful sight . . .

the perfect kodak moment . . .

wish you could've seen it.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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